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Transforming Everyday Manufacturing

Dependable Precision Mfg. Inc. is the "one-stop shop" for industrial and commercial metalworking. With our C.N.C. machinery, we can assure our clients a quick turn-around without losing the quality of service. In business since 1978, we are the tried and true company for complete metal fabrication. We use some of the most state-of-the-art techniques to complete the job.
Waterjet Cutting — Waterjet Cutting in Lodi, CA

Laser or Waterjet Cutting:
  • Tolerances hold tight even with complex cuts.
  • Superior edge quality. No secondary finishing.
  • Material is economically used.
  • Capacity to cut virtually any solid up to six inches thick.
  • Complete fabrication/forming/welding/assembly

WHY You Should Choose Us

  • 30,000-Square-Foot Facility
  • Has a Proven Track Record for Quality Fabrication
  • Experienced Sheet Metal Technicians
  • We Make Material Use More Economical
Welder — Waterjet Cutting in Lodi, CA